Quantum bit commitment and coin tossing protocols kings

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A Novel Probabilistic Passive Attack on the Protocols HB and.

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Rahul Jain arXiv:quant-ph/0506001v4 16 May 2007

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On the Black-Box Complexity of Optimally-Fair Coin Tossing 451 bit should be almost. bit commitment,.

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My current work is mostly about quantum protocols with provable. bit commitment,. photon number in quantum key distribution and coin-tossing.

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Non-classicality without entanglement implies bit commitment.Solution Have Bob send her a random string to concatenate with.APracticalQuantumBitCommitmentProtocol. we introduce a new quantum bit commitment protocol which is prac-. bution and coin tossing,.Implementation of Practically Secure Quantum Bit Commitment Protocol. Implementation of Practically Secure Quantum Bit Commitment.

Quantum and Classical Coin-flipping Protocols Based on Bit

Generation of hybrid polarization-orbital angular momentum

Experimental quantum tossing of a single coin. and play quantum coin flipping.

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Full-Text Paper (PDF): Quantum Bit Commitment and Coin Tossing Protocols.

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On the Black-Box Complexity of Optimally-Fair Coin Tossing

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Our findings stand in stark contrast to recent protocols for weak coin tossing and highlight the limits of cryptography within quantum mechanics.

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The optimal CSQBC protocols that can minimize the sum of the cheating probabilities of both parties are found to be.

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Bit-commitment-based quantum coin flipping. Quantum coin tossing protocols with bias lower than half have been proposed.

Pironio S and Silman J 2016 Device-independent bit commitment based on. public key distribution and coin tossing Proc.Rigorously proving the correctness of quan tum cryptographic protocols has proved. bit commi tmen t Quan tum coin tossing,.

Remote preparation of arbitrary ensembles and quantum bit

New and Improved Constructions of Nonmalleable Cryptographic Protocols.

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Implementation of Practically Secure Quantum Bit Commitment Protocol.Quantum Bit Commitment. a building block for a whole set of applications like remote coin tossing,. a protocol that implements QBC using quantum.


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